Running your organization and managing risk is surely one of your top priorities. Safety in the workplace is a vital factor in diminishing risk for leadership, employees, and customers. We want to create a partnership with your team that creates a safe environment for everyone, so staff can easily focus on your organization’s goals

Security Consulting Services

We perform emergency action plans for on-site security assessments, staff safety training and more. We provide the resources you need to protect your organization and take the time to analyze and assess your company’s readiness for emergencies. Businesses are often underprepared to prevent safety and security issues. Future Security will present solutions unique to your organization, facility, and company culture to minimize internal and external threats. Our firm offers an array of security consulting services that will be customized to your unique needs.

High-Threat Security Consultation

Is your organization prepared with a plan for workplace violence and emergencies? Our on-site security risk assessment aids corporate businesses, schools and stadium venues, in addition to a variety of other facilities to prepare for potential risks. Our firm examines your environment and organization to determine recommended plans, solutions and equipment. All emergency response plans will be tailor-made for your company, staff, workplace and specific needs. We will examine security systems, drill policies, training and more to ensure your organization has the tools to properly protect everyone on the premises. Security threats will be identified and policies, procedures and solutions will be developed to address your distinct environment, for safety improvement. 

On-Site Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Not sure where to begin? Our most popular service is on-site threat and vulnerability assessments. We start by analyzing how your business currently operates. Existing policies and procedures are reviewed, as well as past security incidents and other relevant data to determine the most appropriate recommendations for your organization. Our firm can help with everything from implementation of a workplace violence program, to examining your building’s physical site security. Our on-site threat and vulnerability functions include:

         -Security training for staff

         -Physical security analysis (including locks, security cameras, guards, authorized access,   lighting and more)

         -Creation and implementation of workplace violence program

         -Active assailant plans

         -Devising polices regarding weapons, background checks and the use of security staff

Future Security offers a full report regarding on-site threats and vulnerabilities, with our recommendations for enhanced security within your organization.

Workplace Emergency Action Plans

You may already have an emergency action plan in place in the event of a fire, natural disaster or medical emergency. We can help you expand on your current policies and streamline procedures so your organization can respond as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, our consultants can assist in creating active shooter emergency preparedness. This detailed plan guarantees that your team is aware of how to respond if workplace violence were to occur.

Working with the professionals at Future Security ensures you have identified specific areas of concern for your organization’s safety and security. Our goal is to help protect your staff, customers, assets, and entire business from threats to your organization by providing you with the knowledge and tools to do so.

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